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Sewing Specialties is a master when it comes to presenting your company or event in a positive and attractive way.  With their wide range of materials, colors, and styles, they assuredly have the banner blank to accommodate any need you may have.  There is no job that is too big or too small.  Sewing Specialties is the company to go to for all your banner blank specialties and they are eager to prove it to you.  Below are just a few examples of banners Sewing Specialties has supplied to their many satisfied and happy customers.
A Coca-Cola banner for an onstage event. A banner outside of store under construction that will be opening in the near future.
       We can finish digitally printed banners.
       Sewn and grommeted edges give this
       banner a great finished appearance.
An eight story Loft Condos banner hung on the outside of the building.



Our banners
can be made
to any size.
This banner
12' X 92' and
was vinyl
lettered by
in St. Louis.

Banners can be finished in many ways. 
This banner was finished to be a pole
banner for a special onstage event.


Now that you have seen what Sewing Specialties is able to do, you can be assured that you'll be happy that you put your trust and your needs in their capable hands.  Why not contact us today?


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