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A Double Banner Pole Mounting                       Pole/Avenue Banner
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A Single Banner Pole Mounting
A Single Banner Pole Mounting Bracket
To achieve the best look and the longest life for your pole banners, we recommend installing them on our special steel brackets.  Each steel part is pretreated and painted with powder coat epoxy for a smooth lustrous finish that looks good for a long time.  Each bracket is shipped with 5/16" nuts, bolts and lock washers for smooth assembly, easy adjustment and a tight fit even after years of service!

YES!  Our brackets stand up well to strong wind!  They are built to last many years and support many displays!

Our brackets come with a nylon eyelet at the bracket base so your banner can be attached through its grommet to the bracket.  The result: a neat, clean and conservative appearance ... no more unsightly strings and wires wrapped around the street pole!  And each pole end is plugged with a polymer cap to seal against moisture and improve appearance!

Our standard pole length is 32" which fits a banner 30" wide, but we will cut poles to match your custom banner width if requested.  Our poles are 1" square with a smooth radius edge to prevent abrasion and provide a clean looking mount!



Single Banner Wall and Pole Mounting Bracket Kits
Double Banner Pole Mounting Kit
Pole Size Measurement Diagram Pole Shape and Size Diagram
Measuring the Street Pole
Our brackets are not one-size fits all. Please inform us of the measurements described below, and get a better fitting bracket that is made specifically for your pole!
  1. Use the caliper method described at right, determine the diameter at the pole base and at 5' above the ground.
  2. Determine the height from the pole base to the bottom of the mounted banner.
  3. Determine the vertical length of the banner.
  4. Determine the pole shape (octagonal or 8 sides, hexagonal or 6 sides, round or square).
  5. Call us with the above information and we will recommend which bracket model will fit best.


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