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Your new business is opening soon or the arts and crafts fair is next month or the circus is coming to town or the 4th of July picnic is just around the corner.  Whatever your situation might Double Pole Banner be you need to inform people of your impending activity.  How do you do that?  You hang  banners where they will be seen by lots of people. 

That is where Sewing Specialties comes in.  We are here to supply you with ALL of your banner blanks and mounting requirements -- from the banner blank to the rope to tie the banner to the pole.  You name it and Sewing Specialties has it for you.   We are a proud member of the International Sign Association and have the experience and talent to satisfy all of your banner specifications.

With all this convenience in banners and accessories, why aren't you already buying your banner needs from Sewing Specialties?





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