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Banner Materials and AccessoriesYou have your finished banners and you are now ready to hang them up.  There might be some other items that you will need to easily complete the job.  Below you will find a list of various banner accessories that, depending on the type of banner that you have and your installation, you may want to have handy.  We will be very happy to help you pick out the accessories you will need for your particular situation.
Banner Accessories
Item Description Price
Rope         3-Ply Poly Solid         $0.06 Per Foot
        Box         $75.00
Webbing         1" Heavy Duty,
        White or Black
        $0.20 Per Foot
"D" Rings         1" Zinc Plated         $0.34 Per Foot
Wire Snap Hooks         Zinc Plated         $0.75 Each
Bungee Cords         3/8" Standard Black         $0.55 Per Foot
Bungee Hooks         Double Eye Hooks         $0.40 Each
Steel Cable         7x19 Galvanized
        $0.45 Per Foot
Cable Clamps         3/16" Wire
        Rope Clips
        $0.69 Each
Turn Buckles         5/16" x 5"         $4.49 Each
Velcro         1" White or Black,
        25 Yard Rolls,
        Sew On Velcro
        $0.60 Per Yard
        1" White or Black,
        25 Yard Rolls,
        Pressure Sensitive
        $1.65 Per Yard
Boxes         6 x 6 x 27         $1.25 Each
        6 x 6 x 38         $1.50 Each
        6 x 6 x 50         $1.85 Each
Grommets         #1 (5/16"-ID)         $4.95 Per Gross
        #2 (3/8"-ID)         $9.40 Per Gross


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